Terrorism and National Security Undergraduate Certificate

Soldier in uniform during commencement ceremony.

Respond to the threats of terrorism

Boost your criminal justice future at the national level. Face and solve the threats on our physical and digital borders.

Increase your career readiness in fields like law enforcement and homeland security.

Careers and outcomes

You’ll gain a better understanding of:

  • Far-right terrorism
  • Environmental terrorism
  • Jihadist violence
  • Cybercrime

Job types

  • Intelligence analytics
  • Emergency management
  • Police officer
  • Program director
  • Defense consultant

Potential employers

  • Coast guard
  • FBI
  • National Security Agency
  • Secret service

Terrorism and National Security

This certificate is jointly offered by the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice and the Department of Political Science and Philosophy. The certificate is designed to provide students interested in careers related to counterterrorism and national defense with a critical understanding of causes of terrorist activity, recruitment and organizational strategies, and policies and practices aimed at strengthening homeland security. Students are exposed to a range of current issues from both national and global perspectives.

This certificate is administered by the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Admission requirements

Completion of at least 60 hours and a GPA of 2.50 or higher.

Program requirements (15 hours)

  1. National Defense requirement: PLS 301(3) or CRM 440(3).
  2. National Terrorism requirement: CRM 326(1) and CRM 327(1) and CRM 328(1).
  3. Global Terrorism requirement: PLS 546(3) or HST 504(3).
  4. Six hours from: CRM 332(3), CRM 580(3), HST 334(3), PLS 443(3).
  5. All candidates must satisfy the General University Certificate Requirements.

Completion requirement

Attain a GPA of 2.50 or higher in courses used to fulfill the certificate requirements.

Choose your certificate

  1. Become a Bear: Apply to Missouri State (if you're not already a current student).
  2. Contact the Academic Advising and Transfer Center to declare a certificate in terrorism and national security.

Already working in the field? Waiver available

Are you currently working in criminal justice or government?

You can pursue this certificate without any prior college experience.

Qualified students pursuing only the certificate can receive a waiver on the admission requirement of 60 credit hours.

Contact us for more information.