Student Opportunities and Services

Connect to the criminology scene and its professionals, on or off campus. 

Join a student organization. Find internships. Enrich your college experience and shape your future.

Student organizations

Criminal Justice Society

Add to your criminal justice experience, outside of class. Network, attend events and discover more about the field.

Alpha Phi Sigma

A national honor society for students in criminal justice. The Missouri State chapter, Sigma Mu Sigma, holds regular meetings and service projects.

Field trips

Earn college credit as you visit the heartbeat of criminology.

Our annual spring break field trip takes you to the capital of the United States: Washington, D.C. Visit the DEA, FBI, Supreme Court and more.

You’ll earn three credit hours for the trip and course work.

Check with your advisor to plan your visit.

Other education abroad opportunities

Go international with your passion for criminology.

Earn college credit as you study criminology in a different country.

Contact the Office of Education Abroad to find out more.

Community partnerships

We partner with many criminal justice agencies in the area. These partnerships can lead you to internships, jobs and new opportunities.

Law and the courts

Law enforcement

Access the tools for success

Use resources around campus to aid your academics and career.

Find more ways to enhance your MSU experience through our Guide to Services.