Resources for Criminology Majors

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Increasing your marketability in the workforce

Employers look for job candidates who stand apart from the rest of the pool. Many justice-related agencies prefer entry-level people with specializations in a language other than English, science, law, accounting and international studies. While your degree in criminology will prepare you for work in all aspects of the criminal justice field, a minor, an internship and leadership experience increases your marketability and strengthens your résumé.

Major and minor partnership possibilities

The following are among the most popular alternative majors and minors students seek outside of criminology. Blending criminology with one of the following programs allows you to bring something unique to your career in criminal justice. You should select an additional major or minor that coincides best with your graduate school or career aspirations:

Professional Associations in Criminal Justice

Continuing education after graduation

Like most professions, the field of criminal justice has a number of professional associations that support ethics in the profession, report current research findings and foster partnerships among its members. Professional organizations are collections of practitioners, organizations and agencies committed to the support, development and enhancement of the criminal justice profession.

Membership in professional organizations is important following graduation from the criminology program because the publications and meetings sponsored by these organizations will help you continue to hone your professional skills. The annual meetings and publications also provide information about what is new in the profession, allowing you to stay up-to-date on current issues, trends, policies and programs. Also, many of the organizations provide information about job openings, so they are excellent resources when career searching.

Academic associations

Law enforcement, correctional and law associations