Faculty and Staff

Laying the foundation for excellence

The faculty members in the criminology program are experts in numerous areas of the criminal justice field, from gang research to prisoner re-entry to crime prevention. Our faculty pairs their diverse interests with a dedication to teaching, advising, research and community service to deliver an excellent criminology education.

As a student, you benefit from the knowledge and experience of our faculty through academic courses, research experiences and involvement in student organizations. Our faculty is committed to preparing you to seek knowledge about and find solutions to the issue of crime.

Ethan Amidon

Teaching: Intro to American Criminal Justice System, Capital Punishment, Research Methods, Applied Research in Criminal Justice

Dr. Brett E. Garland

Dr. Brett E. Garland

Department Head
Community Corrections Graduate Certificate Coordinator

Teaching: Applied Research in Criminal Justice; Criminal Justice Policy; Corrections; Gang Behavior and Policy; Juvenile Justice; Prison Violence and Disorder; Recidivism and Reentry

Dr. Patrick R. Gartin

Teaching: Introduction to the American Criminal Justice System, Research Methods in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Drugs in Society, Advanced Research Methods in Criminology, Quantitative Methods in Criminology, U.S. Drug Control Policy

Dr. Aida Y. Hass

Teaching: The Causes of Crime and Delinquency, Criminal Typologies, Institutional and Community-Based Corrections, Correctional Theory and Practice

Diane M. Leamy

Teaching: Career Preparation in Criminology and Criminal Justice; Service Learning in Criminology; Criminological Theory; Institutional and Community-Based Corrections; Special Topics in Criminology; Internship in Criminology; First-Year Foundations

Paula K. Rector

Teaching: Introduction to the American Criminal Justice System, Juvenile Justice, Policing, Criminal Law and the Courts, Crime, Justice, and Gender

Dr. Patti Ross Salinas

Dr. Patti Ross Salinas

Associate Professor
Graduate Program Director

Teaching: Introduction to the American Criminal Justice System; Criminal Law and the Courts

Caryn E. Saxon

Teaching: Institutional and Community-Based Corrections, and Research Methods: Criminology and Criminal Justice

Michael Suttmoeller

Teaching: Criminal Justice Organizational Management, Conservation Law Enforcement,

Christy L. Titus

Christy L. Titus

Academic Administrative Assistant II

Ivy V. Yarckow-Brown

Teaching: Introduction to the American Criminal Justice System; Criminological Theory; Juvenile Justice; Institutional and Community-Based Corrections; Crime, Justice, and Gender; Victimless Crime; Drugs in Society; Sex Crimes; Serial Killers