Transfer Degree Plan for West Plains Students

The following is a guide to graduation with a bachelor's degree in CRIMINOLOGY and CRIMINAL JUSTICE by completing two years at MSU-WP and two years at MSU- Springfield. Courses for the Criminology and Criminal Justice major program can be completed online; however, courses for the minor and free electives may or may not be available online.

Year 1 and Year 2 at MSU-WP

Complete your MSU-WP Associate of Arts degree. With the AA you will have met MSU-Springfield's general education requirements. Select your courses with the assistance of your MSU-WP advisor and include the following MSU-WP courses, as they will transfer and fulfill part of your MSU-Springfield major requirements.

MSU-WP course MSU-Springfield Equivalent
CJS 210 CRM 210

Course Requirements

CRM 250: Policing
CRM 260: Criminal Law and the Courts
CRM 270: Institutional and Community-Based Corrections
CRM 320: Criminological Theory
CRM 330: Juvenile Justice
CRM 340: Research Methods in Criminology and Criminal Justice
CRM 345: Quantitative Analysis for Criminology and Criminal Justice
CRM 355: Current Issues in Policing
CRM 375: Current Issues in Corrections
CRM 365: Criminal Procedure
CRM 380: Criminal Justice Organizations and Management
CRM 598: Senior Seminar in Criminolgy


Criminology Electives

CRM 335: Criminal Typologies
CRM 396: Directed Readings in Criminology
CRM 397: Special Topics in Criminology
CRM 410: Crime, Justice, and Gender
CRM 415: Crime, Class, Race, and Justice
CRM 420: Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
CRM 430: Victimless Crime
CRM 435: Evidence
CRM 440: Foundations of Homeland
Defense and Security
CRM 445: Victimology
CRM 475: Community Corrections
CRM 480: The Gang Phenomenon
CRM 485: Drugs in Society
CRM 487: Green Criminology
CRM 490: Internship in Criminology
CRM 495: Criminal Justice Ethics
CRM 497: Special Issues in Criminology
CRM 597: Special Issues in Criminology
  • The Criminology major can be completed as either part of the Bachelor of Science of Bachelor of Arts degree. See the Bachelor of Arts Transfer Degree Guide if choosing Criminology-BA degree for additional BA degree requirements.
  • This information is provided as a guide. Students are required to fulfill MSU-Springfield graduation requirements to receive a degree and should consult their MSU-Springfield advisor and the MSU-Springfield undergraduate catalog for details, including the policy under which a transfer student who remains continuously enrolled may follow MSU-Springfield graduation requirements in effect when the student first enrolled at their transfer institution (MSU-WP).

Important resources for Criminology majors

Contact information

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Criminology Department Advisor

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