Careers and Outcomes

Criminology students working together at Juvenile Justice Center in Springfield, Missouri.

Work in the criminal justice system

A criminology and criminal justice degree leads you into a dynamic industry. Have a meaningful career where you can make a difference for people and society. 

Our program builds your knowledge in:

  • Law
  • Law enforcement
  • Corrections
  • The justice and courts system
  • Victimology and victim advocacy

Get involved, too. Through student opportunities, you can enhance your experience outside of class.

What can you do with a criminology and criminal justice degree?

From law enforcement to rehab programs, you’ll have career options at the local, state and federal levels.

  • FBI agent
  • U.S. Marshal
  • Secret Service agent
  • Police detective
  • Private security
  • Probation and parole officer
  • Correctional officer or warden
  • Child abuse investigator
  • Family and drug court administrator
  • Youth counselor

No matter the path you choose, we’ll help you build the confidence, skills and expertise to succeed.