Accelerated Master's

A quicker path to the finish line

In the accelerated option, you earn credit for both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the same time.

Graduate sooner. Save time and money.

How it works

Apply during your junior year, if you meet the admission requirements detailed below.

Up to 12 hours of graduate credit will count toward both your bachelor’s and master’s degree.

Once you’ve completed your bachelor’s degree, you can finish the master’s degree in only two more semesters and one summer.

Scheduling requirements

Work with your advisor to fill out the mixed credit permission form (.pdf). 

Before you enroll in a course for both undergraduate and graduate credit, you must receive approval from:

  • The criminology graduate program advisor
  • The criminology department head
  • The dean of the Graduate College

You must receive all approvals prior to the end of the change of schedule period for the course.