Student Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes for the graduate certificate in homeland security and defense

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to think and act critically, pragmatically, and strategically about homeland security and defense issues.
  • Students will understand, critically analyze and articulate the multidisciplinary perspectives of homeland security and defense.
  • Students will be able to design, implement, and evaluate homeland security-related strategies, policies and plans at different levels of government or the private sector.
  • Students will understand and be able to identify the inter- and multi-disciplinary relationships needed to better prevent and mitigate the impact of terrorism or disaster upon a community, region, state, or nation.
  • Students will be able to advance homeland security knowledge, methodology, and thinking in such a way that America’s infrastructure and citizenry will be more secure against 21st century threats.
  • Students will be able to identify and assess potential terror, accident, and disaster threats to the American homeland.
  • Students will become proficient in identifying and utilizing information sources for critical issues in homeland security and defense.